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Summer is Coming...

Are you Ready?

Have you been cooped up and hunkered down due to cold weather and "that virus that shall not be named?"

Has binge watching, stress eating and doom scrolling become your new normal?

Summer is coming and around here that means going to the shore and walking on the beach or jogging on the boardwalk. Or maybe you prefer going to Valley Forge Park and hiking Mount Joy or biking the Schuylkill River trail into Philly.

Whatever your "jam," It's time to get your fitness and nutrition game back on track.

My 21 Day Spring Training Program gives you an actionable meal plan designed specifically for you, curated workouts that fit your unique lifestyle & schedule and the support mentoring and community that you need to get on a path to health for the long term.

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Love the way you Feel - Trust the way you Move

Hi & Welcome! I'm Lisa Dreyer, the owner of Agile Motion Fitness, LLC

I'm a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and yoga teacher with decades of experience in the fitness industry. I'm excited to invite you to join me in my latest program, Spring Training 2022!

Pre Game: Apr 25-May 1

Program: May 2 - May 23

Check Out What's Included

To kick off the program, I will be in touch for an online personal movement screen and i'll zoom with the group weekly for support and questions.

You'll get access to my On Demand library of all the workouts that you need to stay strong, agile and fit. The videos are 30-40 minutes long and have the right mix of challenge and intensity to get your heart pumping and the right cueing to keep you moving with alignment. You'll get a Strength Training workout to do regularly through the month, weekly HIIT classes with Low and High Impact options, and No Nonsense Focused Yoga practices to build flexibility, mobility and balance.

In addition, you will get a personalized analysis of your unique nutritional needs and the tools and skills you need to make meal planning and prep easy. You will learn to create balanced meals and perfect portions that support your specific lifestyle and goals.

For the Group Training, there will be a live streamed meeting with our nutrition coach that will be recorded and accessible to you throughout the program. Also, I'll be setting up a community area online where we all can communicate and share experiences.

That's a lot of personalized attention!

Meet Our Certified Nutrition Coach,

Tracy Roth

Precision Nutrition - Level 2 Master

Graduate Institute of Integrative Nutrition

I am on a mission to end the diet industry.

​​I believe that what and how you eat can make you feel good, give you the energy to enjoy your life

​​Eating well can create harmony in your body and mind

There are no "good" or "bad" foods - we have the right to enjoy our food shame-free and diet-free

​​Stream your workouts wherever you go!

​​Stream MindFlow on any of your devices, wherever you are.

Available for TV platforms and apps

Sign Up Now, Space is Limited to 20 participants! First Come, First Served!

Join me for a month of healthy habits that will get you on a sustainable path of daily exercise and healthy eating.

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Jump into Summer 2022 with a solid Plan to eat well, move well and live well

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