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Remember how it used to be? You'd push yourself in the gym, run 5K's and chase after the kids or the dog then settle in for a big plate of pasta and a glass (or two) of wine. You could keep it all in check! Your metabolism was faster and your muscles bounced back quickly. If you overdid it, you rested a few days or stopped having dessert for a week and you were back on track.

Fast forward to now. When did all of this change! Now you eat one piece of birthday cake and it seems like you can't recover! You try a new adventure (or maybe just get out of bed on the wrong side) and that kink in your neck or ache in your knee lasts for months!


How do you adjust to this new normal without opting out of the good things in life?


Fitness has evolved. The right combination of workouts is at your fingertips. I truly believe that how you move affects your confidence & happiness.

So what are you waiting for? I promise, you will feel energized & stronger after just 1 class.

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Flexible Strength On Demand Fitness Subscription


Does your busy schedule interfere with daily exercise? Join me online at your convenience for challenging workouts curated for this stage of our lives that will make you STRONG and FLEXIBLE.

  • Strength

  • High Intensity Interval Training

  • Low Impact

  • Yoga

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Personal Movement Screen and Exercise Prescription


Getting older means stiffness and pain, right? NO! Learn simple exercises designed specifically for you to feel strong AND agile.

  • Analysis of your movement patterns (Virtual or In Person at my Studio)

  • Recommendations for Corrective Exercises

  • Weekly Workout Plan to fit your personal lifestyle and schedule

Hi! I'm Lisa and I started Agile Motion Fitness in 2012 to help people move and fuel their bodies in a way that is manageable and fun but has the sneaky ability to make you strong, nimble and fit.

I believe that movement is life and to move well is to live well. I want that for all of my clients. It's not too late for you to make some simple, sustainable tweaks in your lifestyle to put you on a realistic plan for an optimistic, active future.

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